our secret

Healthy food begins with healthy soil!

Andrew has learned in his years of farming that prime vegetables and fruits start with prime soil. By attending numerous conferences, workshops, and seminars he has increased his knowledge of healthy soil and the importance of it. Plants will grow much better and produce nutrient dense fruit in healthy soils. As he monitors the greenhouses and fields for bugs and diseases, he also checks the soil. Is the soil healthy? Does it have good structure?

People often wonder if organic farming is the same as hydroponic.

The answer is no.

Hydroponic farming is a process of growing plants without soil by adding nutrients to the water. These nutrients are often not organic, eliminating them from being certified as organic. More importantly, in order to classify produce as organic, it must be grown in soil. (refer to clause 7.5 (subclause 7.5.3) of the Canadian standards for organic production systems.) Organic standards within Canada require that no synthetic pesticides, preservatives, or synthetic fertilizers are used.

Flowers in field at Mans Organics Farm

Numerous flowers and cover crops in the greenhouse increase the diversity above and below the ground. Some species are intended as host plants for our beneficial insects and others have unique soil building characteristics.