our story

Mans Organics is a family owned and operated farm started in 1994 by Henk and Rita Mans. Having a family history of farming and a passion for healthy food choices, they became organic growers in 2008.

In 2012 their son Andrew and his wife Denise joined the farm and started the greenhouse operation.  Their objective is to farm regeneratively: to grow nutrient dense produce while at the same time increasing soil health.

Henk enjoys spending his time helping Andrew with the design, fabrication and maintenance of equipment. His knowledge of farming and engineering has been an asset to making equipment that meets the needs of the business.

For example, the solar powered weed picker, dubbed ‘Jason’ by the workers, was built for weeding the onions. Employees enjoy using the quiet machine while lying down to pick weeds as it drives between the rows.

Rita also plays an important role in the operation of the business. Often behind the scenes she takes the orders and completes invoicing. Rita also takes care of the payroll and paperwork associated with the employees of the business. Although she is not always on the farm itself, she is busy full time making sure the administrative side of the business is rolling smoothly.

Andrew is the oldest child and only son of Henk and Rita. He grew up on the family farm and pursued further studies in engineering. After working in construction for several years, he had the opportunity to join his parents on the family farm with his focus on the greenhouses. At that time he moved with his wife and  children to the family farm. Andrew and Denise enjoy living on the farm with their  children and look forward to the opportunity their children may have to help with the family business once they are of age.

The family spent the summer of 2012 building the greenhouses after which they began growing cucumbers, tomatoes and peppers. Andrew’s focus on maintaining healthy soil has expanded his interests and experimentation with various plants for biological control. As you walk through the greenhouse you are sure to see a wide variety of plants growing in the soil.  Andrew is knowledgeable about each plant and insect that has been introduced into the greenhouse along with their purposes.

Mans Organics currently employs 8 full time staff and hopes to remain a small scale farm. They are happy to employ from the local community and could not farm without the dedication of their employees.